Voeding Leeft, initiator of the Reverse Diabetes2 Now program, has been approached by several hospitals and insurance companies in India, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Germany, Brunei, Hungary, South Africa and China to pilot the program Reverse Diabetes2 Now in those countries/regions, where type 2 diabetes is a vastly growing problem. The first pilot was sucesfull in Hong Kong in 2019/2020 (see more on reversediabetes2now.hk) and a programme in India will start soon.

A team of professionals work on our programme, supported by general practioners, scientists and specialists. See here our full team in The Netherlands.

Our team working on international opportunities:

  • Martijn van Beek – Founder and director of Voeding Leeft
  • Lotte Schaffer – Projectleader
  • Frank Kusse – Managing partner Asia Pacific
  • Terence Wu – Operational manager Voeding Leeft Hong Kong
  • Jan van den Berg – Leader India Reverse Diabetes2 Now
  • Nynke van de Zijl – General practioner
  • Hanneke Kusse – Dietician
  • Francis Bruijns – Nurse
  • Annemarie Ernst – Head of nutrition Voeding Leeft
  • Hanno Pijl – Prof.dr Diabetology LUMC
  • Leonard Hofstra – Prof. dr. Cardiologist CCN and VUMC
  • Vineet Patni – Senior Advisor Asia and Middle East