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Start 2-days with night away

3 return days in 6 months

During these two days you will learn what type 2 diabetes is, how your body works and what a different lifestyle can mean for you. You will get practical advice for your new food pattern and you will learn about self control. Furthermore there will be attention to the changes that you will go through physically, emotionally and mentally. The supervision team and the group dynamic will support you in your process.

Head nurse Reverse Diabetes2 Now

“Support is important when you are going through change. That is why we involve the home situation and why you can invite someone to come along to the first return day, to share the process with.”

Nicole de Groot

Reversing diabetes2 with results

People who have followed the Reverse Diabetes2 Now programme experience more energy, use less medication, sleep better, experience more rest and have more control over their life, in short their quality of life has improved.

The health status of participants is collected and reported before, during and after the treatment. The vast majority of participants is able to reverse the type 2 diabetes, uses less or no medication and has healthier HbA1c levels after Reverse Diabetes2 Now.

For us nutrition is so much more than just food. Also sleep, exercise and relaxation feed our lives. Moreover, feeding relates to everything you take in; from books, news, friends to thoughts and meaning.

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A short overview of our programme in three minutes

*Louis Bolk Institute report “4th intermediate results of Keer Diabetes2 Om”. Scientific research measuring the effect of the Reverse Diabetes2 Now programme of Voeding Leeft in The Netherlands, together with health Insurance partner VGZ. Publication in preparation. The report is based on participants from whom data is available. Because of loss of follow up and due to the stepped care model, the number of results per datapoint vary.