Want to join the programme?

The programme is suitable for people who:

– have type 2 diabetes
– are taking medication for type 2 diabetes;
– are under the age of 80 (between 70-80 in consultation);
– are overweight and/or have an enlarged abdominal size (BMI>25);
– have access to an e-mail address and internet;
– you do not have or have had gastric banding, severe COPD, kidney failure or pancreatitis.
– do not have an eating disorder.
– have not previously participated in this program
– are not pregnant
– you are not vegan, but there are plenty of vega options.




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Working together with your General Practioner (GP)

Your GP will remain lead practitioner during the programme. After you apply on our website, you will receive a copy of the registration form, which should be completed in consultation with your health care provider. This could be your GP, Practice Nurse or Diabetes Nurse. Your GP will need to approve your participation by signing the form.