Almost 425 million people worldwide suffer from type 2 diabetes. And each year many more new patients get diagnosed by general practitioners. Reverse Diabetes2 Now reverses this negative trend. Reverse Diabetes2 Now is a curative program for people with type 2 diabetes, developed by Stichting Voeding Leeft, and focusses on reversing type 2 diabetes with nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation as the first choice therapy.

How it works

Reverse Diabetes2 Now teaches participants to adapt their lifestyle in such a way that they are able to reverse the type 2 diabetes in most cases, becoming and remaining healthier. The programme gives people with type 2 diabetes more control over their disease.

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Who is it for?

You can refer patients who comply with the following inclusion criteria:

  • use of diabetes medication
  • up to 70 years of age (up to 75 years in consultation)
  • are overweight (BMI>25) and/or have an above average waist measurement
  • who are prepared to change their lifestyle
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Effectiveness long term

To measure the effectiveness of the programme Reverse Diabetes2 Now a large scientific research study was conducted by the Louis Bolk Institute. This was published in the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health on the 18th of August 2020 – find the article here

Nynke van de Zijl
General practioner
"More than 800 general practioners in The Netherlands already recommend Reverse Diabetes2 Now"